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The City Trailer
Happy Holidays from Dean Koontz!
Dean Koontz: “What role have books played in your life?”
Dean Koontz: “If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be?”
Dean Koontz: INNOCENCE arrives today!
Dean Koontz: How he got the idea for INNOCENCE
Dean Koontz: “If you could have dinner with one of your own characters, who would it be?”
Dean Koontz: “What are you currently watching on television?”
Dean Koontz: “Which of your books do you get asked about most often?”
Dean Koontz: “What question do you get asked the most?”
Dean Koontz: “What was your favorite book as a child and why?”
Dean Koontz: “Have you seen any good movies lately?”
Dean Koontz: “Which authors do you read yourself?”
WILDERNESS by Dean Koontz
INNOCENCE Commercial
INNOCENCE by Dean Koontz Teaser
Authors Speak Out Against Bullying
Odd Apocalypse Trailer
Odd Thomas series video
77 Shadow Street Trailer
A Big Little Life Trailer
Frankenstein: The Dead Town Trailer
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Series (TV Commercial)
What the Night Knows Trailer
Lost Souls Trailer
Odd Thomas Mini-bio #4
Odd Thomas Mini-bio #2
Odd Thomas Mini-bio #1
Dean on The Darkest Evening of the Year
Dean Koontz Outtakes
Bliss to You Video
Relentless Trailer
Frankenstein Comics: Trailer
The Husband Trailer
Darkest Evening of the Year Trailer
Odd Thomas Mini-bio #3
Good Guy Trailer
Dogs and the Darkest Evening of the Year Video
Your Heart Belongs to Me Trailer
Breathless Trailer
Dean discusses By the Light of the Moon
Dean Koontz discusses The Face
A Big Little Life Video
Dean Koontz with Trixie
Forever Odd Trailer
Odd Thomas Webisode Chapter 4
Odd Thomas Webisode Chapter 3
Odd Thomas Webisode Chapter 2
Odd Thomas Webisode Chapter 1
Odd Hours Trailer
Velocity Commercial


Trixie Chat
Reading For Live
Petsmart Podcast
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Podcast Episode 26: Book of Counted Sorrows 2
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Podcast Episode 24: A High Pain Threshold
Podcast Episode 23: Visiting Ed Gorman, Mystery Author
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Podcast Episode 09: Publishers and My Career
Podcast Episode 08: Common Reader Questions
Podcast Episode 07: More About Hollywood Experiences
Podcast Episode 06: Reviews and Reviewing
Podcast Episode 05: On Public Speaking
Podcast Episode 04: Where Do the Ideas Come From?
Podcast Episode 03: On The Husband and My Wife
Podcast Episode 02: On Hollywood, Films, and Actors
Podcast Episode 01: On Working With Editors

Audio Excerpts

77 Shadow Street
A Big Little Life
Brother Odd
By the Light of the Moon
City of Night
Cold Fire
Dark Rivers of the Heart
False Memory
Fear Nothing
Forever Odd
From the Corner of His Eye
Life Expectancy
Odd Hours
Odd Thomas
One Door Away From Heaven
Prodigal Son
Seize the Night
Sole Survivor
The Bad Place
The Darkest Evening of the Year
The Face
The Good Guy
The Husband
The Taking
Tick Tock
Twilight Eyes
Winter Moon
Your Heart Belongs to Me
Bliss to You
Darkness Under the Sun
Demon Seed
Frankenstein: Lost Souls
Frankenstein: The Dead Town
Midnight #2
Shadowfires #2
Strangers #2
The Bad Place #2
The Eyes of Darkness
The House of Thunder
The Key to Midnight
The Vision
Whispers #2


Second Life Reading
The Husband Radio Spot
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