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Dean Speaks About the Odd Thomas Movie May 8, 2012: Dean Speaks About the Odd Thomas Movie

Gerda and I and two friends just saw the completed Odd Thomas film. It is so wonderful that I am whacked flat by happiness. It makes no missteps, races forward with unrelenting momentum, is gripping, and has great heart, and even has an excellent score! It is a totally fresh wind in the genres upon which it touches, and we felt that we were seeing one of those rare productions with the potential to dramatically alter how other filmmakers approach such movies in the future.

Stephen Sommers, the director, said from day one that Anton Yelchin was his only choice to play Odd and that if Anton didn’t want to do it, the film would never be quite what it could have been. I’ll admit to being skeptical. But once you see Anton in this, you know you have seen the best of all possible Odds. He is soooo good! This young man is a remarkable talent, and he brings great heart to the role. He handles the action scenes with tremendous energy and conviction, but he really, really shines when it comes to selling the love story, the emotion, as well as Odd’s humility and sweet nature.

The four of us were also in agreement that Addison Timlin is Stormy Llewellyn. She is no less powerful than Anton, giving a nuanced and utterly charming performance. Every guy in the audience will be in love with her, and I expect every woman will want her as best friend forever. She and Anton have such chemistry that this film is a thriller that is also a beautiful love story; that love story, combined with the action and scares, makes this a date movie for the ages. The audience–men, women, young, old—were laughing when they should have been, jumping when they should have been, and in tears when they should have been.

Steve has taken chances in the way he has crossed genres, in the density of story detail highly unusual in movies of this nature, and in the visual sophistication with which this has been edited. The movie comes at you with all kinds of transitions that you have not seen before, and if you’re interested in directorial technique, it’s worth studying.

Faithful to the book? Yes, in every way that matters. Odd is Odd. Stormy is Stormy. The themes are rigorously adhered to. Is much missing? Yes. Ozzie has one scene, and he has become a sculptor instead of a mystery writer. Odd’s backstory–mom and dad–has been condensed to one scene because test audiences found the backstory too dark. Odd has been given a new power: He sometimes touches someone/something and has startling visions of how some real event went down earlier, as a means of conveying facts without talking-head scenes, but it really, really works.

Based on past experiences, I wasn’t sure anyone could ever adapt a Koontz book as a feature film and capture the flavor and essentials of it. Steve Sommers has done it with great panache. It should hit theaters sometime this winter. There’s probably a law against being as happy as I am right now.

A Special Evening with Dean Koontz March 19, 2012: A Special Evening with Dean Koontz

The Laguna Playhouse Women present a special evening with Dean Koontz on April 2nd from 5:30-8pm. All proceeds benefit the Laguna Playhouse. To learn more, please visit this page.

Dean Speaks About the Odd Thomas Movie April 15, 2011: Dean Speaks About the Odd Thomas Movie

Hey, everyone. I generally don’t weigh in on film adaptations in progress. I’m usually full of fear that they’ll go badly wrong. Not this time. Here’s part of what I sent to Steve Sommers, last fall, when I first read his screenplay:

“The script is a spot-on, blow-out-the-walls, edge-of-your-chair, emotionally moving, thrill-packed, dazzlingly fresh, in-your-face, stunningly structured, absolute masterpiece that reinvents the tentpole picture by giving it meaning beyond spectacle and heart that should make it the biggest damn date movie ever.”

I babbled on at greater length, and my enthusiasm is not in the least diminished now that the casting is underway. Steve is going for superb actors who might not be quite how you pictured some of the characters, but there is so much talent in the cast that they are going to add tremendous weight to the picture. I couldn’t be more pleased.

There have been some changes, as there always are, but none of them gave me a moment’s pause. He has condensed the book in as smart a way as it is possible to condense it, combined some characters, and stayed true to the essence of the story. He understands the novel on all levels and knows these characters nearly as well as I know them. I trust him as I never thought I would trust a filmmaker.  Not many A-list directors can also write great screenplays, and of those who can, I’m not aware of any who, as director, has screwed up his own wonderful script. If Steve manages to do that, I promise you I will beat him senseless. He’s bigger than me, and I’ll have to sneak up on him, and I might need chloroform, but I will be relentless. 

So if you like Odd, if he’s special to you as he is to me, let’s be happy. He–and his first film–is in extremely good hands.

Dean Koontz’s Nevermore (comic book) April 12, 2011: Dean Koontz’s Nevermore (comic book)

A brand-new six-issue comic book series from Dean Koontz!

Available everywhere comic books are sold! Also available directly from Dynamite Comics as a standard comic book and also as a signed limited comic book autographed by Dean!

Writer: Dean Koontz, Keith Champagne
Penciller/Inker: Leno Carvalho

From the moment they first met, Bobby Godric and Nora Watson were meant only for each other. Together, the two built an empire from their true love and hard work. Young, brilliant, and wealthy, the entire world was open to them until fate cruelly intervened, and Nora died suddenly.

Bobby Godric won’t take the loss of his soulmate lying down.

Backed by a team of brilliant minds, Bobby invents Project: Nevermore, a way to travel to parallel worlds, searching among infinite earths for an exact, duplicate version of the love of his life. But when his travels attract the attention of THE HYDRA, an alien race conquering every Earth they can find, Bobby finds himself drawn into an ancient war he never dreamt existed, fighting to save humanity from a threat on the verge of extinguishing mankind forever.

All for the sake of love.

Producers collar pic rights to Koontz’s pet; <br />Winter, Botwick to develop as family comedy July 16, 2010: Producers collar pic rights to Koontz’s pet;
Winter, Botwick to develop as family comedy

Ralph Winter (“X-Men”) and Terry Botwick have fetched feature rights to Dean Koontz’s Trixie property through their 1019 Entertainment banner and are developing the doggie story as a family comedy. Read more

Dean’s second FRANKENSTEIN graphic novel is coming this July! May 13, 2010: Dean’s second FRANKENSTEIN graphic novel is coming this July!

In DEAN KOONTZ’S FRANKENSTEIN: PRODIGAL SON, a story filled with fast-paced action, gripping horror, and thrilling adventure, Detectives O’Conner and Maddison delve deeper into the mysterious life of Victor Helios, trying to uncover his ultimate goal. Read more

RELENTLESS is now in Paperback March 16, 2010: RELENTLESS is now in Paperback

Dean Koontz delivers a mesmerizing thriller that explores the razor-thin line between the best and worst of human nature—and the anarchy simmering just beneath society’s surface—as a likeable, successful family man is drawn into a confrontation with a foe of unimaginable malice…. Read more

Pre-Order New FRANKENSTEIN March 14, 2010: Pre-Order New FRANKENSTEIN

Pre-order now! The latest novel in Dean’s bestselling Frankenstein series is coming on June 15, and the work of creation has begun again. Only now things will be different. Read more


When fans were asked which Koontz novel first made them a fan, the #2 favorite was LIGHTNING. In March, LIGHTNING was re-issued in trade paperback. Read more

Dean's Podcast With The Author Hour Host Matthew Peterson March 3, 2010: Dean's Podcast With The Author Hour Host Matthew Peterson

If you missed Matthew Peterson’s interview with Dean on a dragon and creature-themed episode of The Author Hour: Your Guide to Fantastic Fiction, you can listen to the podcast now. Read more

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