Recognizing Bullying Prevention Month

The themes of good and evil in ODDKINS are reminiscent of schoolyard bullies harassing younger or kinder children. In this video recognizing Bullying Prevention Month, Dean discusses his encounter with a child being bullied.

Blockbuster authors Dean Koontz, Peter Lerangis, Bette Greene, Patty MacLachlan and Logan Levkoff speak out on bullying in this powerful video. From offering perspective to discussing their own experiences with bullies, these authors open up about a subject that is all too prevalent today for young people.


The First Novel for Young Readers from Dean Koontz is now available in digital format. Oddkins: A Fable for All Ages is on sale now from Open Road Media and Mel Parker Books. The book is beautifully illustrated and visually stunning; Dean Koontz introduces a dazzling world of toys and terror, exploring the fears we all face in the dark.

Dean on Odd Apocalypse, in an interview with

Odd Apocalypse is probably the darkest story thus far in the series, but Odd keeps his sense of humor, as he always will. This is also in some ways the most over-the-top Odd story, stretching the element of the fantastic about as far as I could without breaking my compact with the reader. The next in the series, Deeply Odd is more down to earth, a road story with a pace like that of Odd Hours.”

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Odd Thomas returns in Odd Apocalypse, the fifth book of seven planned in a series with Odd’s name. Dean Koontz recently discussed Odd’s latest adventure and how Odd Thomas has evolved, with Publishers Weekly. Known for his bestselling suspense thrillers, Dean Koontz has incorporated elements of science fiction, horror, and fantasy into his books, along with spiritual grounding. When Koontz writes about the battle between good and evil, he speaks from experience.

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