Dean Koontz is as much philosopher as mystery weaver…as much mystic as realist, as much romantic as pragmatist. Asbury Park Sunday Press

Koontz skillfully blends elements…of romance, horror, fantasy, mystery, suspense, thriller, and detective fiction…All of Koontz’s novels are about how to live and his people are the main event. You can believe them. You can believe in them…. He can be wickedly satirical and funny…he has a good deal of faith-like Dickens and Chekhov-in individuals. Tampa Tribune

Classic Koontz features a distinctive narrative that verges on the wise-crackingly facetious … He is also a dab hand at tying in a wacky love story … an acquired taste, but one acquired by millions. The Times (London)

Dean Koontz straddles the genres … he provides a giddy ride. The Observer (UK)

Dean Koontz is not an author to be taken for granted. Each of his books stands alone; they do not fit a pattern. Fort Meyers Beach Observer

Dean Koontz’s books dwell in the heavy macabre, but … point to that glow of hope that may rise with the sun. San Jose Mercury News

Koontz has one of the most incredible gifts for the art of language-a master of images and descriptions. His characters are timeless and beautifully constructed. He proves you can be on the bestseller lists and don’t have to be dead or named Hemingway to have the depth and feeling of the classics. Michigan State News

His style is a model of clarity, his prose so smooth that it goes down like apple juice . . . with the delayed punch of hard cider. The Plain Dealer

Koontz really knows how to keep a story going at a blistering pace…. Reading him is an uplifting experience. Fort Wayne News Sentinel

Koontz is a master of melding the supernatural with the commonplace. [His] writing crackles with dry, tongue-in-cheek wit. Boston Globe

While [Koontz is] scaring you to pieces, [he] manages a bit of relief with energizing humor and dialogue that astounds. The Tulsa World

Koontz sets in motion a compelling combination of character and circumstance, tempered with his special brand of dark humor. Library Journal

Koontz’s astonishing novel[s] show him making moral fable[s] out of dark fantasy materials…object lesson[s] in the unfashionable virtues of fortitude, prudence, and a faith far firmer than with-it moderns generally tolerate … loaded with dialogue the likes of which haven’t been rampant since the 1930s heyday of screwball comedy … richly sympathetic [characters] … emotionally powerful and thought-provoking. Booklist

Perhaps more than any other author, Koontz writes fiction perfectly suited to the mood of America: novels that acknowledge the reality and tenacity of evil but also the power of good; that celebrate the common man and woman; that at their best entertain vastly as they uplift. Publishers Weekly

If there’s an element of menacing chaos in Koontz’s body of work, there’s also another common thread: Good people, fighting back, can make difference…. Koontz knows how to set hooks throughout his novels and has a knack for foreshadowing without giving away the plot store. The Associated Press

Koontz raises intriguing questions about life, death, evil, and faith that are worthy of C. S. Lewis. The Flint Journal

Koontz [is] working at his pinnacle, providing terrific entertainment that deals seriously with some of the deepest themes of human existence: the nature of evil, the grip of fate and the power of love. Publishers Weekly

Tumbling, hallucinogenic prose. The New York Times Book Review

Koontz is one of the great suspense authors…. There’s no bestselling author of popular fiction whose sentences offer more musicality. His characters are memorable and his unique mix of suspense and humor absorbing. Great kudos to Koontz for creating, within the strictures of popular fiction, notable novel[s] of ideas and of moral imperatives. Publishers Weekly

Koontz has always had near-Dickensian powers of description, and an ability to yank us from one page to the next that few novelists can match. Los Angeles Times

Demanding much of itself, Koontz’s style bleaches out cliches while showing a genius for details. He leaves his competitors buried in the dust. Kirkus Reviews

Dean Koontz almost occupies a genre of his own. He is a master at building suspense and holding the reader spellbound. Richmond Times-Dispatch

Far more than a genre writer. Characters and the search for meaning, exquisitely crafted, are the soul of his work. This is why his novels will be read long after the ghosts and monsters of most genre writers have been consigned to the attic. One of the master storytellers of this or any age. Tampa Tribune

A superb plotter and wordsmith. He chronicles the hopes and fears of our time in broad strokes and fine detail, using popular fiction to explore the human condition [and] demonstrating that the real horror of life is found not in monsters, but within the human psyche. USA Today

If Stephen King is the Rolling Stones of novels, Koontz is the Beatles. Playboy

Koontz has a knack for making the bizarre and uncanny seem as commonplace as a sunrise. BOTTOM LINE: the Dean of Suspense. People

A modern Swift … a master satirist. Entertainment Weekly

Dean Koontz writes page-turners, middle-of-the-night-sneak-up-behind-you suspense thrillers. He touches our hearts and tingles our spines. The Washington Post Book World

Dean Koontz is not just a master of our darkest dreams, but also a literary juggler. The Times (London)

Dean Koontz deftly mixes humor with horror as he tackles the big questions: Can humans prove that God exists? And why is Elvis scared to go to heaven? People Magazine

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