Anna Koontz: June 22, 2006 – May 22, 2016

We have posted many photos of our beloved Anna on this website and written many funny captions for those used in our snail-mail newsletter. She was smart, sweet, and joyful.

On 9 May, she was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on her spleen and another on her heart. She was not a candidate for surgery, but she started chemo. Dogs have few or none of the issues with chemo that people have.

Sunday, 22 May, however, the tumor on her spleen ruptured, and began bleeding into her abdomen. Although she was not yet in pain, she began to have breathing problems. Her vet came to the house, but there was nothing to be done other than give her a gentle passage out of this world.

As Gerda and I held her and restrained our grief so as not to alarm her, the vet tech shaved her arm to find a vein. Dogs are smarter than we know. The moment the shaving began, before the first injection of Valium, her anxiety panting ceased. She became perfectly calm, as if she knew that she would be spared further suffering. She looked into her mother’s eyes and into mine——her eyes were golden, like her coat——and we told her we loved her, that she was a blessing beyond all valuation. . . and then a soul of perfect innocence left this troubled world.



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