Fear Nothing, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel)

by Dean Koontz

Dynamite Entertainment

Rating: TEEN+
Writer: Dean Koontz w/Grant Alter and Derek Ruiz
Penciller/Inker: Bob Gill
Publication Date: OCTOBER 27, 2010

PAGE COUNT: 128 pages

Christopher Snow is different from all those who live in Moonlight Bay California, different from anyone you’ve ever met. For Christopher Snow was born with a rare genetic disorder he shares with only one thousand other Americans, a disorder that leaves him extremely vulnerable to the light; a light-sensitivity so severe that he cannot leave his house in daylight, cannot enter a normally-lit room, and cannot sit at a computer. His life is filled with the fascinating rituals of one who must embrace the darkness. Only at night that he is truly free. And on one such night Chris witnesses a murder–a murder only he can solve.

For Chris Snow and all the inhabitants of Moonlight Bay, terrible change is on its way; a change of potentially catastrophic proportions. But as one forced to live in the shadows, Chris Snow knows the night world better than the dark adversaries that stalk his quiet town. And along with his exceptional dog Orson, and his friends, Snow will challenge those who try to take away the only home he knows.

When you live in the darkness of Moonlight Bay as Christopher Snow does, and you are desperately trying to save the day, you learn to FEAR NOTHING!

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