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TitleYearOriginalCurrentPen Name
Memories of Tomorrow 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
In the Heart of the Fire 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
Photographing the Dead 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
Red Rain 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
Ricochet Joe 2017 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
The Mercy of Snakes 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
The Praying Mantis Bride 2019 Amazon Original Stories Amazon Original Stories
Devoted 2020 Amazon Publishing Amazon Publishing
Elsewhere 2020 Amazon Publishing Amazon Publishing
Nameless: The Collection 2019 Amazon Publishing Amazon Publishing
The Other Emily 2021 Amazon Publishing Amazon Publishing
I, Trixie Who is Dog (iPad App) 2011 Auryn Auryn
Trixie and Jinx (iPad App) 2012 Auryn Auryn
The Frankenstein Series 5-Book Bundle 2012 Bantam Bantam
77 Shadow Street 2011 Bantam Bantam
Ashley Bell 2015 Bantam Bantam
Breathless 2009 Bantam Bantam
Brother Odd 2006 Bantam Bantam
By the Light of the Moon 2002 Bantam Bantam
Dark Rivers of the Heart 1994 Knopf Bantam
Darkness Under the Sun (Novella) 2010 Bantam Bantam
Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas 8-Book Bundle 2016 Bantam Bantam
Deeply Odd 2013 Bantam Bantam
False Memory 1999 Bantam Bantam
Fear Nothing 1998 Bantam Bantam
Final Hour (Novella) 2015 Bantam Bantam
Forever Odd 2005 Bantam Bantam
Frankenstein: Lost Souls 2010 Bantam Bantam
Frankenstein Book 1: Prodigal Son 2005 Bantam Bantam
Frankenstein Book 2: City of Night 2005 Bantam Bantam
Frankenstein Book 3: Dead and Alive 2009 Bantam Bantam
Frankenstein: The Dead Town 2011 Bantam Bantam
From the Corner of His Eye 2000 Bantam Bantam
House of Odd (Graphic Novel) 2012 Bantam Bantam
Icebound 1995 Ballantine Bantam David Axton*
Innocence 2013 Bantam Bantam
Intensity 1995 Knopf Bantam
Last Light (Novella) 2015 Bantam Bantam
Life Expectancy 2004 Bantam Bantam
Odd Apocalypse 2012 Bantam Bantam
Odd Hours 2008 Bantam Bantam
Odd Interlude 2012 Bantam Bantam
Odd Thomas 2003 Bantam Bantam
One Door Away From Heaven 2001 Bantam Bantam
Prison of Ice (later Icebound) 1976 J.B. Lippincott Bantam David Axton*
Relentless 2009 Bantam Bantam
Saint Odd 2014 Bantam Bantam
Seize the Night 1999 Bantam Bantam
Sole Survivor 1997 Knopf Bantam
The City 2014 Bantam Bantam
The Crooked Staircase 2018 Bantam Bantam
The Darkest Evening of the Year 2007 Bantam Bantam
The Face 2003 Bantam Bantam
The Forbidden Door 2018 Bantam Bantam
The Good Guy 2007 Bantam Bantam
The Husband 2006 Bantam Bantam
The Moonlit Mind (Novella) 2011 Bantam Bantam
The Neighbor (Novella) 2014 Bantam Bantam
The Night Window 2019 Bantam Bantam
The Silent Corner 2017 Bantam Bantam
The Taking 2004 Bantam Bantam
The Whispering Room 2017 Bantam Bantam
Tick Tock 1996 Ballantine Bantam
Velocity 2005 Bantam Bantam
What the Night Knows 2010 Bantam Bantam
Wilderness 2013 Bantam Bantam
Winter Moon 1994 Ballantine Bantam
You Are Destined to Be Together Forever (Novella) 2014 Bantam Bantam
Your Heart Belongs to Me 2008 Bantam Bantam
Cold Fire 1991 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Darkfall 1984 Berkley Berkley
Demon Seed (Revised Version) 1997 Berkley Berkley
Dragon Tears 1993 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Face of Fear 1977 Bobbs-Merrill Berkley Brian Coffey*
Hideaway 1992 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Lightning 1988 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Midnight 1989 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Mr. Murder 1993 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Night Chills 1976 Antheneum Berkley
Phantoms 1983 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Shadowfires 1990 Avon Berkley Leigh Nichols*
Shattered 1973 Random House Berkley K.R. Dwyer*
Strangers 1986 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
The Bad Place 1990 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
The Eyes of Darkness 1996 Pocket Books Berkley Leigh Nichols*
The Funhouse 1980 Jove Berkley Owen West*
The House of Thunder 1982 Pocket Books Berkley Leigh Nichols*
The Key to Midnight 1979 Pocket Books Berkley Leigh Nichols*
The Mask 1981 Jove Berkley Owen West*
The Servants of Twilight 1990 Berkley Berkley Leigh Nichols*
The Vision 1977 Putnam Berkley
The Voice of the Night 1980 Doubleday Berkley Brian Coffey*
Twilight Eyes (Expanded Version) 1987 Berkley Berkley
Twilight (Later: The Servants of Twilight) 1984 Pocket Books Berkley Leigh Nichols*
Watchers 1987 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Whispers 1980 Putnam/Berkley Berkley
Ask Anna: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn 2014 Central Street Central Street
Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (Graphic Novel) 2009 Del Rey Del Rey
In Odd We Trust 2008 Del Rey Del Rey
Odd is On Our Side (Graphic Novel) 2010 Del Rey Del Rey
Fear Nothing, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel) 2010 Dynamite Comics Dynamite Comics
Nevermore 2011 Dynamite Comics Dynamite Comics
Every Day’s a Holiday 2003 HarperCollins HarperCollins
Robot Santa 2004 HarperCollins HarperCollins
Santa’s Twin 1996 HarperCollins HarperCollins
The Paper Doorway 2001 HarperCollins HarperCollins
A Big Little Life 2009 Hyperion Hyperion
Bliss to You 2008 Hyperion Hyperion
Oddkins 2012 Mel Parker Books and Open Road Media Mel Parker Books and Open Road Media
Chase (Revised Version) 1995 Headline NA K.R. Dwyer
The Door to December 1985 NAL/Signet Nal/Signet Richard Paige*
A Darkness in My Soul 1972 DAW OP
A Werewolf Among Us 1973 Ballantine OP
After the Last Race 1974 Antheneum OP
Anti-Man 1970 Paperback Library OP
Beastchild 1970 Lancer OP
Blood Risk 1973 Bobbs-Merrill OP Brian Coffey
Chase (Original Version) 1972 Random House OP K.R. Dwyer*
Children of the Storm 1972 Lancer OP Deana Dwyer
Dance With the Devil 1972 Lancer OP Deana Dwyer
Dark of the Woods 1970 Ace OP
Demon Child 1971 Lancer OP Deana Dwyer
Dragonfly 1975 Random House OP K.R. Dwyer
Fear That Man 1969 Ace OP
Hanging On 1973 M. Evans OP
Hell’s Gate 1970 Lancer OP
Invasion (inspiration for Winter Moon 1994) 1975 Laser OP Aaron Wolfe
Legacy of Terror 1971 Lancer OP Deana Dwyer
Nightmare Journey 1975 Berkley OP
Soft Come the Dragons 1970 Ace OP
Star Quest 1968 Ace OP
Starblood 1972 Lancer OP
Strike Deep 1974 Dial Press OP Anthony North
Surrounded 1974 Bobbs-Merrill OP Brian Coffey
The Crimson Witch 1971 Curtis OP
The Dark of Summer 1972 Lancer OP Deana Dwyer
The Dark Symphony 1969 Lancer OP
The Fall of the Dream Machine 1969 Ace OP
The Flesh in the Furnace 1972 Bantam OP
The Haunted Earth 1973 Lancer OP
The Long Sleep 1975 Popular Library OP John Hill
The Wall of Masks 1975 Bobbs-Merrill OP Brian Coffey
Time Thieves 1972 Ace OP
Twilight Eyes (Original Version) 1985 Land of Enchantment OP
Warlock 1972 Lancer OP
Trixie & Jinx 2010 Penguin Penguin
I Trixie, Who Is Dog 2009 Putnam Putnam
Strange Highways 1995 Warner Warner
Christmas is Good 2005 Yorkville Yorkville
Life is Good (with Trixie Koontz) 2004 Yorkville Yorkville

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