May 19, 2010

I’ve been waiting twenty long years for a sequel to WATCHERS. It’s time, don’t you think? —Lissa, New Jersey

It’s not time, Lissa. It may never be time. I’ve long said that I wouldn’t write a sequel to WATCHERS unless I had a story equal to the first. That novel was about change: about the difficulty of changing ourselves for the better, of letting go of our world view even when we recognize that it’s false; about the way that an encounter with the right person can suddenly change us forever when, as a solitary pursuit, change had seemed impossible. The main characters in WATCHERS followed a major arc of change, lifted by one another. To me, their story feels finished, and even if a new plot hook occurred to me, I would have to know what character evolution would drive the story. But I never say never. Actually, I just said it twice, but you know what I mean.

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