A Thank You Note from Dean

Dear Reader,

I must thank the thousands of readers and booksellers who’ve written to me and posted reviews regarding their enthusiasm for Jane Hawk, who first appeared in The Silent Corner. Jane is so real to me that I feel as if you’re praising my beloved child!

I’ve always believed that the characters in a novel are more important than any other element. If they don’t earn our empathy and compel our attention, the most urgent subject matter and the most whiz-bang story will fall flat.

Nothing better can happen to a writer than to discover a character who so profoundly intrigues him and so energizes his imagination that he can’t wait to get to his desk in the morning and is reluctant to stop working at the end of the day.

I so enjoy writing about Jane because of her toughness and fortitude and courage, her intelligence and tenderness and good heart, and not least of all because of her attitude. She keeps me at my desk at least ten hours a day.

The Whispering Room is Jane’s second appearance, and I’m now at work on her fourth. I am so happy you’ve embraced her, and I am grateful for your support all these years, which has allowed me to avoid the only other option I would have had—a life of crime.

Best wishes,
Dean Koontz

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