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  1. I’ve been waiting twenty long years for a sequel to WATCHERS. It’s time, don’t you think? —Lissa, New Jersey
  2. If they make a movie of VELOCITY, Ralph Cottle has to be played by Harry Dean Stanton. Were you thinking of him when you wrote the part? Is Harry Dean Stanton alive? Do you know who I mean–Harry Dean Stanton? Can you write back and answer me? I’d really like to know. Will there be a movie? With Harry Dean Stanton? –Roger, New York
  3. I was fascinated by the waitress, Ivy Elgin, in VELOCITY. She has a small part, but she’s magical. Would you consider writing an entire novel about her? I guess this is a stupid question. –Rebecca, Seattle
  4. VELOCITY rocks! I’ve never read anything that moved this fast. But what’s with the birds? There are birds all through the book. Why all the birds?––Andrea, Wisconsin
  5. I saw there will be a movie made of THE HUSBAND. Do you have reason to hope Hollywood will get it right this time? They’ve screwed up your stuff before, you know. –Ian, London
  6. I just read the advance proof of THE HUSBAND. Wow! INTENSITY moved fast, VELOCITY was fast, but this is a rocket. Fantastic! I adore Mitch. And Holly is a fabulous role-model. All the beautiful references to nature. Do you really know so much about flowers and trees? Will you re-do my yard? –Carmen, Connecticut
  7. Is there an intended parallel between Anson and Mitch, Cain and Able?
  8. You go into detail describing Holly’s grandmother’s items in the garage attic. Why? They only become pertinent to the story at one point, but it’s obvious you are saying that Mitch isn’t seeing something, that they are necessary to the story. — Laurene
  9. Did Trixie like THE HUSBAND?

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