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  1. I’d like a sequel to LIFE EXPECTANCY. That book was a page-turner and hilarious. Will you ever write one? –Rafael, Arizona
  2. The dedication in FOREVER ODD has me worried. Did something happen to Trixie? –Jill, Maryland
  3. Will you take me out to pee right now? –Trixie, California
  4. What are you currently writing? –Alicia, Kansas
  5. I just finished FOREVER ODD. This book, like most of yours, is packed full of subtle literary allusions. I probably get a small fraction of them. Does anyone ever notice this? You do intend it, don’t you? Or am I crazy? –Maxine, Texas
  6. What might Chris Snow, sentenced by his creator to perpetual shadows, say to you if you could enter his world or if he showed up in yours?–Reese, Nevada
  7. Often, maybe not always, names of your characters have wonderful meaning. I laughed when Mark Ahriman showed up in FALSE MEMORY–”the Mark of Satan.” In VELOCITY, the doctor who wants to let Barbara die is Jordan Ferrier–Jordan the river between life and death, and a ferry driver takes the dead to the other side. Valis in that book–doesn’t he refer to the Vast Active Living Intelligence System in Philip K. Dick’s novel Valis? And the guy named himself Valis. What an ego! But the lead characters’ names in VELOCITY: Billy Wiles, Barbara Mandell. I don’t get those. Do they have meaningful references?–Tom, Iowa
  8. I loved all the carnival lore in TWILIGHT EYES. How did you learn all that?—Connie, Florida
  9. Why do you set so many of your novels in California? Why don’t you set one in Virginia?—Ronnie, Virginia
  10. I was fascinated by the waitress, Ivy Elgin, in VELOCITY. She has a small part, but she’s magical. Would you consider writing an entire novel about her? I guess this is a stupid question. –Rebecca, Seattle

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