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  1. I saw there will be a movie made of THE HUSBAND. Do you have reason to hope Hollywood will get it right this time? They’ve screwed up your stuff before, you know. –Ian, London
  2. THE FACE presents a very funny but dark view of movie actors. Have you ever met any nice ones?—Kevin, New York
  3. I haven’t read anything about you commenting on the film (title censored) being nearly identical to your novel, INTENSITY. As far as I know, the filmmaker has given you no credit. What do you have to say about that? — Sandra, Colorado
  4. What movie star would you most like to see in the film version of one of your books? — Ken, Chicago
  5. My father and I would like to know if the movie based on your book INTENSITY will ever be available on video. I would like to buy it from you if possible. –Robert, Canada
  6. Was Ben Affleck truly “The Bomb in Phantoms, yo?”(Jason “Jay” Derris & Robert “Silent Bob” Blutarsky,Leonardo, NJ)
  7. I won’t get on an airplane without a Dean Koontz novel (Odd Thomas is next). On a recent flight, I read Ticktock and absolutely loved it. If you were allowed to cast the film adaptation of the book, who would you cast in the role of “Deliverance Payne”? (Marty Grosser, Editor, Previews)
  8. If they make a movie of VELOCITY, Ralph Cottle has to be played by Harry Dean Stanton. Were you thinking of him when you wrote the part? Is Harry Dean Stanton alive? Do you know who I mean–Harry Dean Stanton? Can you write back and answer me? I’d really like to know. Will there be a movie? With Harry Dean Stanton? –Roger, New York

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