Funny Bone

August 3, 2009:

The Murder of a Pen Name

During the first fifteen years of my career, my income per novel was so small that I might have done better trying to sell hamburgers to Hindus. The proceeds from one novel per year would have sustained me only if I had crafted all my clothes from leaves, wild grass, and bird feathers, with no concern for the cruel stares that rude people would direct at me, and with a willingness to tolerate the pain from being pecked by all those angry, bald birds.
August 2, 2009:

The Origin of Audio Books

Ten thousand years before the first word of history was written, the first audio book was created by Og, brother of Nogg and Plogg, son of Vog and Noog, grandson of Zogg and Heather. Og was a born storyteller frustrated that paper had not yet been invented. He wrote his first book on slabs of wood, burning the words and pictures into the surface with sharp pieces of stone superheated in fire fed by Wooly Mammoth fat.
August 1, 2009:

Santa's Number 1 Gift for Christmas

Here are 20 reasons why Santa Claus rates YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME as #1 gift choice for this Christmas.

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