May 19, 2010

I love the photo of you and Trixie on BROTHER ODD. Is she as happy as she looks? –Roberto, presently in Rome

Even among golden retrievers arguably the happiest, most affectionate of breeds–Ms.Trixie is an exceptionally affectionate and happy pooch. At 11, she is a svelte 69 pounds–though her glorious thick fur coat makes her look more formidable–and her painful arthritis has been banished by a daily measure of Metacam in her food. For those of you whose aging dogs have joint pain, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you consult your vet about using this wonderful liquid anti-inflammatory. Two or three weeks after Trixie began this medication, she was limber and by all indications pain-free. She has been romping around like a five-year-old dog.

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