April 12, 2010:

MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN Introduction by Dean Koontz

February 12, 2010:


(Dean wrote this introduction for Richard Layman’s IN THE DARK, published by Leisure Books in 2001.)
January 20, 2010:

These Immigrants Don't Need No Stinkin' Green Cards

When I saw the first version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, directed by Don Siegel, I was only a kid, but I knew it contained more truth than any movie I had ever seen before.
December 8, 2009:


August 13, 2009:

THE EYES OF DARKNESS Original Afterword

THE EYES OF DARKNESS was the second book I wrote under the pen name Leigh Nichols.
August 3, 2009:


So I was in the middle of writing THE FACE, polishing page 345 of the manuscript, focused to such an intense degree that even an attack by a pack of wolverines failed to distract me from the keyboard (a team of out-call physicians treated me in my office chair: 124 stitches, a series of rabies shots, a procedure to reattach my left foot, and nine operations by a plastic surgeon to reconstruct my nose - all of which cost me only four hours of writing time.)
August 2, 2009:

All About Anna

All About Anna Ten months after losing Trixie, Dean and Gerda were ready to bring a new dog into their lives. At that time, in May of this year, the Canine Companions for Independence division in Oceanside had a young golden retriever, sent to them from the Northwest division, that they had decided to release from their program.
August 1, 2009:

Not for the Faint of Heart

I have been asked how much research into transplant surgery I did before writing YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME.
October 1, 2007:

Starring Dean Koontz? You've Got to be Kidding!

My publisher's Creative Marketing Department lives up to its name in every regard: The folks there are creative, they know marketing, and they have their own department. Considering that they also have to put up with me, they would be well advised to rename themselves the Patient Creative Marketing Department.
August 3, 2007:

The Darkest Ice Cream of the Year

I once said writing a novel is sometimes like making love and sometimes like having a tooth pulled--and sometimes like making love while having a tooth pulled.

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