October 1, 2009

Looking for Bliss, Dog Wisdom & Fun?

On the heels of her bestselling book, BLISS TO YOU, Trixie (spirit dog) has launched her very own website. It’s full of Trixie’s news, reviews and her own opinions on important issues like sausages, joy (sometimes on the joy of sausages), friends, why dogs should drive, and the meaning of life. Trixie reports to us from the Other Side, and what she has learned there brings meaning and humor to all. Don’t miss Dean’s video memoir about Trixie and his latest book – A BIG LITTLE LIFE: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog — and Trixie’s opinion of it, on the Home Page.

She also has produced her own video about her new site. There’s plenty of good stuff to see – the family scrapbook, Trixie style and fashions, her profile and more! Plus, all of her insightful (and funny) books — including Dean’s storybook series which debuts next month with I, TRIXIE WHO IS DOG. We hope you enjoy Trixie’s new site. Please visit often for updates from our favorite “golden” girl.

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