Post a Question For Dean Koontz. He May Answer Yours-On Video!

Visit, on the Barnes & Noble website, to post a question for Dean Koontz. Dean himself will choose twelve questions to answer questions to answer as part of a video blog. Yours could be among them. Questions can be about any book, including the forthcoming novel, YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME (on sale 11/25/08). A two-chapter preview is already posted at B&N.

YOUR HEART BELONGS TO ME is riveting thriller that probes the deepest terrors of the human psyche–and the ineffable mystery of what truly makes us who we are-as it asks: What happens when your second chance at life is suddenly slipping through your fingers?

You only have until 10/23 to submit your questions. Visit our Author Q&A page to see what questions Dean has already been asked and answered. Be sure to return tot he B&N site 11/17 when Dean’s video blog of answers launches.

Posted on: November 1, 2008

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