THE GOOD GUY Gets a Treat from Trixie!

Bliss to you. Is me, Trixie Koontz, who is dog. Is big week for me. Dad has new book, THE GOOD GUY, in stores May 29. That is not why is big week for me, but had to mention it out of family loyalty. Is big week for me because I am dog. Every week is big when you’re a dog. Every week is full of joy, kibble, plush toys, tennis balls, cookies, tummy rubs, wriggling in grass, and more, when you are dog. Dad doesn’t get kibble or plush toys (don’t know why, except maybe he hasn’t been good boy, good), and he is too embarrassed to wriggle on back in grass, so only fun he gets is having new book in stores on May 29. Publishers Weekly says new book, THE GOOD GUY, is “A thriller so compelling many readers will race through the book in one sitting. The novel’s breathless pace, clever twists and adroit characterizations all add up to superior entertainment.” Whatever. More important, summer is coming, so is time to go swimming again. Time to grill frankfurters and hamburgers on the Bar-B-Q. Am carnivore, me, Trixie, dog. Summer is good time for carnivores. Summer is good time for vegetarians, too. My favorite vegetable is ice cream.

Bliss to you,

Trixie Koontz, dog

Posted on: April 30, 2007

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