Trixie Koontz (1995 – 2007)

Trixie KoontzNicknames:
Short Stuff, Trix, Furface, Fluffybutt

Quick Bio:
Purebred, Service Dog

People, Face Rubs, Cuddles, Quaker Cinnamon Oat Chex, Swimming

TV. I should have been the only entertainment Mom and Dad needed.

Favorite Toy:
Tennis ball. But not just to chase. Dad would hide the ball, then say “Trixie find,” and I would sniff it out. Dad is very sneaky-clever hider of ball. Game was big fun.

Favorite Food:

Best Tricks:
Picking up a dime from stone floor with teeth. Was trained to do this as assistance dog. Dad eventually dropped enough change, I could buy Cadillac. My big dream was always to drive. Got car, but crazy laws won’t allow me to have driver’s license.

Arrival Story:
I was a CCI assistance dog. After elbow surgery, was retired from service and came to live as a Koontz in Newport Beach. Wrote three books to raise money for other assistance dogs.

Trixie was an angel on earth, shorn of her wings and given fur as a disguise, with mysterious eyes, with the heart of a lion and the temperament of a lamb. She changed us as people, made us better by her example, brought piercing beauty and so much humor into our lives, and left a terrible void when she went to God.

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