June 1, 2009

USA Today Profiles Dean

Treat yourself to a rare interview and home tour with Dean when USA Today reporter Carole Memmott visits Dean.

Dean talks about his latest novel, RELENTLESS, the much-anticipated third book in the Dean Koontz Frankenstein series (coming July 28), and his upcoming book, A BIG LITTLE LIFE: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog, which tells the story of unexpectedly falling in love with a dog (Trixie) in middle age.

“Before Trixie I wasn’t looking for the brightness in daily life I used to,” says Koontz in the article. “I started thinking about the wonder of the world again. She changed me by the example of her exuberance and her innocence.”

As for putting his pen down and taking up crochet or model ship building someday, Dean has no plans for retirement.

“As long as it’s challenging and interesting I’m never going to stop,” says Koontz. “I’ll fall dead into the keyboard, I think.” Read More.

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