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  1. You wrote two books on writing popular fiction. If you were to write another today, what advice would be different?
  2. What are some of your favorite TV shows? — Stacie, whereabouts unknown
  3. I’ve read that you do not much like cats and that you are allergic to them. I’ve recently gotten a little 3-month-old male kitten from our local humane society and named him Sir DDK, after my favorite singer (Niel Diamond), favorite actor (Johnny Depp), and favorite author. Does little DDK have your blessing to use your name? –Karen, Illinois
  4. What are your other interests? Your books are so diverse in their frames of reference that it’s hard to identify your key interests other than a love of music, books, and dogs. –Lynda, England
  5. I particularly love your dialogue, though I feel I should warn you that the people who translate your books into Swedish seriously demolish your work. My question: Is a Swedish character ever going to make it through one of your books alive? — Kim, Stockholm
  6. I was impressed to see you read up to 200 books a year. Do you prefer to buy and keep the books you read, or do you borrow them from the library? I prefer to buy and keep them. –Cristy, Gulfport
  7. Are you right or left-handed. I’ve heard that people who are left-handed (as I am) think differently from those that are right-handed.
  8. I really believe that there is no one in this world with a knack for words quite like you. Is it really magic or just genuine talent? If it’s magic, can you tell me where to get some? –Jane
  9. I bought a signed copy of a Koontz book, but it didn’t have the middle initial in the signature. Later, I saw your books signed with the initial. Is this your signature or did I get ripped off?
  10. What novel of yours featured a man-eating pig-like creature that lived in a sewer and was most likely written in the late 1980s? — Reader #1892917
  11. Why is the word “ululate” in all your books.
  12. What are you currently writing? –Alicia, Kansas

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