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  1. You had an agent in your early years tell you that you’d never be a best-selling writer. Did that discourage you or make you more determined to succeed?
  2. It’s been said that writers reveal their own struggles, fears, dreams, etc. through their work. Which of your novels reveals the most about you?
  3. I’ve read that you will rewrite a page until it’s right before moving on, sometimes redoing a draft thirty or forty times. This must make for a slow process. Approximately how long does it take you to write one novel?
  4. You are one of the most prolific fiction writers of our time. What keeps you going?
  5. You wrote two books on writing popular fiction. If you were to write another today, what advice would be different?
  6. You are known as perhaps the hardest working novelist of our time. To what do you attribute your work ethic?
  7. As a young writer, did you encounter rejection?–Allison, Pennsylvania
  8. How important were college creative-writing courses to your success?—Alberto, Washington
  9. When did you decide you were destined to be a writer? At what point in your life? —Marcy, New Jersey
  10. Do you deliberately put a dog in each book? — Tom M. from NY
  11. Now that Trixie, your dog, has published two books of her own, will you finally admit she also helps write your novels?–Lawanda, Michigan
  12. I loved your dog’s two books [LIFE IS GOOD and CHRISTMAS IS GOOD by Trixie Koontz, Dog]. Is she writing a third?—Nancy, Ohio
  13. I have friends who eat at a restaurant where you and your wife go. They say you take your dog. Is that true? They say you wear Hawaiian shirts? Is that true, too?––Kelly, Arizona
  14. I’m in the middle of reading HIDEAWAY. Is it a coincidence that Regina is exactly like Leilani from ONE DOOR AWAY FROM HEAVEN? Also, I read all of Trixie’s articles, and I just want to know… how do you get her to pee on command, and why would you want to do that? My dog just pees on every tree, and as we live on a farm with many trees, sometimes this takes quite awhile. — Another nameless reader, from a nameless place
  15. Did Trixie like THE HUSBAND?
  16. Why does there always have to be damn Question #10? We could be outside in yard, wriggling in grass, chasing hummingbirds. — Trixie, California
  17. I love the photo of you and Trixie on BROTHER ODD. Is she as happy as she looks? –Roberto, presently in Rome
  18. What are some of your favorite TV shows? — Stacie, whereabouts unknown
  19. I’ve read that you do not much like cats and that you are allergic to them. I’ve recently gotten a little 3-month-old male kitten from our local humane society and named him Sir DDK, after my favorite singer (Niel Diamond), favorite actor (Johnny Depp), and favorite author. Does little DDK have your blessing to use your name? –Karen, Illinois
  20. What are your other interests? Your books are so diverse in their frames of reference that it’s hard to identify your key interests other than a love of music, books, and dogs. –Lynda, England

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